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What to Expect When You Start a CBD Regimen

What to Expect When You Start a CBD Regimen

You can almost feel it—that time of year when warm summer nights turn cooler, Halloween costumes pop up in stores, and football is on every Sunday.

It’s also a time when it is socially acceptable to fall off the health and fitness wagon. Let’s face it—Halloween is just a vehicle to dive into your kids’ pillowcase and rummage around for that Almond Joy or Snickers bar you’ve been craving. Then there’s Thanksgiving and Christmas—those six-pack threatening holidays that give us license to overindulge in all things high-calorie.

The key, say experts, is to set goals before the new year, not over a drink as the clock strikes midnight.

“With the change of seasons comes a renewed time to rethink and restart,” says Chris Freytag, a fitness instructor and fitness expert with Prevention magazine. “What’s so special about January?”

The following tips will give you ideas on how to stay healthy (and maybe even avoid the pumpkin cheesecake) through what is arguably one of the most pleasant times of the year:

• Take advantage of the weather. This is a great time to exercise outdoors and enjoy cooler weather. “Walking, hiking, and cycling are all awesome in the fall,” says Todd Durkin, MS, fitness coach and owner of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, Calif.

• Wear layers. Fall days can be cool or warm, and temperatures can change quickly. To this point, dress in easy-to-remove layers that can help keep you comfortable in varying autumn temperatures.

• Drink more water. Dehydration can occur during cool fall days just as easily as in the summer. Dry central heat robs your body and skin of moisture. By staying hydrated, your mucous membranes stay hydrated as well, working more effectively to filter out cold and flu germs. To this point, you might want to consider drinking ◊alkaline ionized waters []◊ such as Alkame Water. Through a process called micro-clustering, Alkame allows cells to absorb the water much faster, and hydrate more completely. In addition, Alkame contains antioxidants, which boost the immune system, while improving aerobic capacity and enhancing energy levels.

• Eat seasonally, and support your farmers. Many farmer’s markets are open through November so take advantage of fresh fall produce. In many cases, farms will also have apple or pumpkin picking and other family-friendly activities.

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