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Why You Shouldn’t Overthink Your Face Care Routine

Why You Shouldn’t Overthink Your Face Care Routine

With so many different skincare products available promising everything from bright, radiant skin to anti-aging benefits, it’s tempting to create an elaborate routine in pursuit of the perfect complexion. Add in toner, eye cream, spot treatments and before you know it, your bedtime ritual can be eight steps long—or more—which takes lots of time, and lots of money, to maintain. 

What’s interesting about this trend is that it doesn’t necessarily benefit troubled skin to be fussed with so much. While certain specific conditions like acne might benefit from a specific additional product or two, less is almost always more when it comes to getting the smooth glow most people want. This is especially true when you consider aging skin. The more rubbing, pulling and tugging, particularly around the delicate eye area, the more fine lines are created. 

So when it comes to beautiful, youthful looking skin, what are the non-negotiables and what’s just unnecessary? Most skin experts agree that a healthy skincare routine consists of three basic steps: Cleanse, moisturize and treat.

     1. Cleanse

Use a gentle, non-irritating cleanser twice a day, taking care to massage away dirt, makeup and oils so as to not tug on skin. Rinse completely using cool or lukewarm water, paying special attention to the sides of the face, neck and chin so no residue is left behind. Using a soft towel, gently pat (never rub) skin until nearly dry. 

     2. Moisturize

While skin is still a bit damp from cleansing, apply a pea-sized amount of high-quality moisturizer by dabbing it near the center of the face and working your way out. Massage into skin using gentle, upward circular motions until just absorbed. 

     3. Treat

This step is for those looking to address a specific skin need, such as dullness or anti-aging, but doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is choosing a high-quality, well-rounded product, such as a power-packed night cream, and using it consistently for maximum results. While cleansing and moisturizing may be done twice a day, use treatments only once before bedtime to take advantage of your skin’s natural restorative powers while you sleep. Wake up to beautiful skin!

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