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Grab 'n Go Sleep CBD Capsules


This powerful formula features CBD Isolate and natural herbs specifically targeted to calm the body, promote healthy sleep and help you wake up feeling refreshed. Derived from Hemp grown and processed in the US, our CBD capsules are THC-free and gluten-free, safe (click the link below for third-party test results to prove it!), legal, easy to use, and have no intoxicating effects. In the perfect trial or on-the-go size, each pouch contains 4 capsules, with 25mg CBD per capsule. We recommend 1-2 capsules about an hour before bed.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


    • Take 1-2 capsules an hour before bedtime.


    Hemp Derived 100mg Cannabidiol, Maypop Extract, Valerian Extract, Melatonin, Piperine, Gelatine (Capsule), dicalcium phosphate.


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