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Our goal is simple. To provide you with effective relief through physician backed, natural, third party tested, American made CBD products.

We let our reviews speak for themselves.

My 87 year old mother uses this for pain relief on her foot after having surgery. She ran out of it for a few days and was again experiencing significant pain. When we purchased the new serum and used it, she felt immediate relief. It's good stuff. Wish it weren't so expensive, given she is on a limited budget, however, it works, so she is making sacrifices in order to continue to use it.

Sally G.

Loyal Customer

Very happy with the CBD caps. Has helped with inflammation from severe joint pain.

Barton K.

Loyal Customer

I apply this CBD cream to my 92 year old mother’s back twice a day. This routine has been giving her consistent pain relief for more than a year.

Carol V.

Loyal Customer

I have severe knee pain from tearing ligaments and arthritis forming from the injuries in my knee and I swear by this !! If I miss a day I can tell because the pain comes back! This has given me substantial relief and I will forever be a believer!

Robin W.

Loyal Customer

Product better than any other Pet CBD, thank you!

Heather D.

Loyal Customer

Absolutely my favorite CBD cream! Helps me relax and comforts my inflammation. I use it daily. You have a lifetime customer. Thank you!

Jennifer J.

Loyal Customer

"I provide a few samples of the relief cream to my patients on a daily basis, and they almost always come back and say how effective the product is."

Dr. Pete Edwards

Orthopedic Surgeon, Orthopedic One

"I have been using these products for several months and it helps with muscle soreness, knee, lower back and neck pain. I think everyone should have Motive in their medicine cabinet."

Daniel M.

Customer with rheumatoid arthritis

I have Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Neuropathy and using the CBD Relief Cream helps me tremendously to get some relief and especially to be able to sleep at nite because it calms down my pain.

Paula M.

Loyal Customer

I love this application process. Lasts as long as the balm or lotion with no mess!!! I just roll it on to roll off the pain. My back and elbows and knee love me again. Thanks MOTIVE!!!!

Joseph M.

Loyal Customer

I took one pill and slept great for a week! After two pills and 9 nights of amazing sleep I feel like a totally new person! Highly recommend!

Heather H.

Loyal Customer

"The fruit chews and the tincture did exactly what I needed, and they are both now a consistent part of my daily routine."

Excellent customer service. I love their products!

John Edmonson

Loyal Customer

I could not be more pleased since partnering with Motive. The results reported by both patients and staff have greatly exceeded my expectations.  The customer service has been second to none."

Dr. Mark Kirk


My Motive CBD tinctures and fruit chews have made a big impact on my ability to rest and recover!

Courtney Shihabuddin

Nurse Practitioner and Motive Customer

I have restless legs syndrome. My body jerks when I sleep. Then started taking the 1500mg Mint Tincture and now my body doesn’t jerk.

Reynold W.

Loyal Customer

I tried the cream and it works great. I’ve now tried the balm and it works great too especially the easy to roll on.

Larry C.

Loyal Customer

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  • pain/anxiety relief for my dog
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