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Have you ever said ‘no’ to a round of golf because the joints in your hands are too sore?

We’ve been there.

Ever been too anxious to enjoy the positive things in your life?

We’ve been there.

Ever not taken your dog for a walk because your feet ache?

We’ve been there.

Ever skipped a day at the gym because your body is too tired?

We’ve been there.


Our family has been working to make a difference in communities across Ohio for the last four decades through education and local initiatives. We are a family who likes to stay active — we fish, bike, hike, scuba dive, play basketball with our kids and enjoy the outdoors.

We originally developed Motive CBD to help the people we love stay more active with less pain, and quickly developed a passion for helping our community find relief through natural wellness products. We choose ingredients we feel good about giving the people we love, and don’t sell anything that hasn’t directly benefitted someone important to us. We hope you find relief, like we have, in Motive CBD!

The Hondros Family


“WE” is a word we don’t take lightly.

We move our bodies in different ways, and with different goals, but we all enjoy being active. Motive CBD supports athletes of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels with products to benefit any individual routine.


We want to help you find relief.

We believe it’s our duty to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about the products you use. Our ultimate goal is to help you feel your best doing the things you love.


We’ll tell you anything you want to know.

From any ingredient in our products, to any step in our process, we are transparent about what we do. Questions? We promise you honest answers.