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For Medical Providers

Physician approved, opioid sparing, non-surgical, natural relief for your patients.

CBD is more than a buzz word. It’s something your patients are curious about, many of them are already using, and something that has a real place in the patient care plan. 

CBD is an option for an opioid sparing, non-surgical, natural relief for your patients. Motive provides medical practices with an opportunity for a unique revenue model, educates both the practice and the patient on the benefits of CBD, and provides multiple approaches to make CBD accessible for both providers and your patients.

Dr. Pete Edwards, Orthopedic Surgeon

Hear from providers that love working with Motive.

"I provide a few samples of the relief cream to my patients on a daily basis, and they almost always come back and say how effective the product is. Additionally, in working with the Motive CBD team, it's not hard to tell my patients that I know it's safe because I trust the Motive team and their family to always have the best interest of my patients in mind. Overall, I believe this has a big impact on the future of medicine and providing the best care for our patients"

Dr. Pete Edwards

Orthopedic Surgeon, Orthopedic One

"I am the director of a very busy multidisciplinary Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic.  We had been searching for some time to find a quality and effective CBD product for our doctors and massage therapist to offer our patients and other clients.  I am very careful to properly vet any products we chose to offer in the clinic.  I could not be more pleased since partnering with Motive.  Most importantly, our clientele have been very pleased.  The results reported by both patients and staff have greatly exceeded my expectations.  The customer service has been second to none.  I highly recommend the products offered through Motive."

Dr. Mark Kirk

Verified customer

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