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Anastasia Healthy Skin

Our Story

Years ago, I became a fan and avid customer of a brand called Anastasia, which made a cream especially targeted toward sufferers of neuropathy—a nerve condition that mainly affects the feet and legs. This cream helped me greatly. Gone were the sleepless nights of tingly aches, distracting numbness and overall discomfort that kept me awake. And others agreed—the original formula was backed by its users and very highly rated. Sadly, the founder of Anastasia passed away and her incredible products were discontinued. I have yet to find a solution that soothed as well as hers did.

That’s why I decided to resurrect Anastasia Healthy Skin with a new and improved formula inspired by my great grandmother who made her own healing formulas back in Lyrkeia, Greece. We partnered with physicians to source pure, natural ingredients, including options with hemp-derived CBD, that help nourish dry skin, ease away aches and soothe severe skin issues with immediate and lasting results that are nothing short of amazing.