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Resurrection of Anastasia Healthy Skin

Resurrection of Anastasia Healthy Skin

The passion for healing is nothing new when it comes to a skincare pioneer like Anastasia Healthy Skin. The Oklahoma City native brand has a history of offering some of the best skin care products to help people address the skin issues that negatively affect people’s quality of life in many ways.

Launched by John Hondros, the brand’s goal is to develop skincare products that can alleviate chronic skin conditions after the previous Anastasia products were discontinued.

As nothing else worked, John wanted to embrace old and proven healing traditions and help people resolve skin troubles. The primary aim of why John wanted to resurrect a unique and effective skincare line was to promote better skin health by using a mélange of old and new formulas.

The purpose behind resurrecting Anastasia
As the founder of the brand, John, aimed to create a skincare line that focuses on offering therapeutic solutions to customers.

As he mentioned once:

I was a loyal customer of Anastasia’s products and they helped me greatly,” said John Hondros, founder and figurehead of the Hondros Family of Brands. “Nothing else provided me with such relief from tingly aches, distracting numbness and overall discomfort. I know of many other customers who felt the same way. We’re continuing what Anastasia started, and combining it with wisdom and insight passed down by my great-grandmother, for a new and improved, modern and expanded skin and face care line. In Anastasia’s honor, the brand will remain Anastasia Healthy Skin.


Anastasia – A Brand of Trust

As John himself experienced the need for formulas that can provide instant relief, he knew how important they could be for living a happy and stress-free life. He trusted Anastasia’s products for long-term relief. That is why he aimed to resurrect the traditional approach.

Anastasia Healthy Skin is a renewed body care line that you can trust for your skin. The products comprise organic and natural components to offer significant skincare benefits. Our delightful and soothing creams and serums are based on proven formulas and have the ability to replenish and revitalize your skin without side effects.

Anastasia - is not just a brand you can TRUST; it is a LIFESTYLE to empower your skin with wellness and vitality!

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