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Recommended by Foot & Ankle Associates of Cleveland

Trusted by doctors, loved by customers.

4.98 average
1,200+ reviews

“My with and were told about Motive CBD by a close friend. It works!! We liked it so well I bought a little stock. I believe it a good product..”

Sherman M

Happy customer

“The Relief Cream is my favorite product! I use it daily.”

Sara M.

Happy Customer

"This is one of the best on the business. These people care about their customers.
I thank you for all you did for me will be buying from you again."

Excellent customer service. I love their products!

Sandy B

Verified customer

"Motive is amazing!! They're products have helped me in more ways than one; helps with my stressful work load and my spotty sleeping habits! Couldn't be more pleased than with the results!"

Kate S

Verified customer

"The Motive CBD store is right on the water off of Sunbury Road. It felt clean and the staff is friendly and professional. The Sleep Capsules are my favorite product."

Kelly R

Verified customer

We’re on a mission to offer the most effective, safe and natural CBD out there, backed by third-party testing and trusted by doctors.